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Does Aging Mean Back into

 the Closet?

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The Top Gay Retirement Communities

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The first wave of 3.2 million baby-boomers turns 62 this year --- that’s 365 an hour!  

Limiting resources will force many GLBT retirees into mainstream facilities. Well...maybe...unless we start planning NOW!!

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The Top Gay Retirement Communities:
describes each facility allowing you to judge the fit
saves you time by doing the research for you
surveys medical, cultural, and recreation choices to match your needs
analyzes the local economy to find your budget fit
looks at how gay-friendly the area is and how “out” you can be
finds the bars and restaurants where you’ll be with “family”
lists occupancy levels and age ranges of current residents
includes contact numbers, websites, wait-lists, making the process even easier

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On the Gay Horizon delivers independent, no-nonsense advice on financial planning, relocation options, political updates, healthcare reviews, second careers, travel …. and more!   Nowhere will you find so much useful information targeted specifically for gay baby boomers!

Where’s YOUR Safety Net?

When your partner is in the hospital, are you next-of-kin?  Do you get visitation rights?  Does the doctor consult with you?
When you’re ill, can your partner legally take care of things?   Is your health care provider respectful? 

How many of us can honestly say we have our wills, our powers of attorney, our long-term health insurance and our investments in place? 

Instead of losing ground, let’s take our community on-line and build on the progress we’ve made. We know that as long as we work together, nothing can stop us.

Let’s use the Internet to blow the remaining barriers out of our way!

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While you’re at work—or play—we’re working for you, gathering the info you need to make the critical decisions you face in the next half of life:

GLBT retirement communities
legal documentation needs
health insurance for us and our loved ones
long-term financial planning
respectful health care sensitive to GLBT issues
end-of-life preparation and options
second careers

The list is endless...and we want to keep it that way.  It’s your list.  It’s our list.  We’ll connect you with the information and resources that are sensitive to your needs.

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Top Gay Retirement Communities